Three20 Recovery Community

Creativity through art can be beneficial for resolving emotional conflicts, building self-esteem and reducing anxiety.

The workshop is designed to inspire creativity regardless of skill level. Stocked with tools, materials, and mediums to create a variety of art and craft projects. Our weekly sessions cover projects such as ceramics, painting techniques, apparel printing, and more.

Further Your Recovery

Instructor Led Courses

DIY Workshops

Learn the step by step techniques of various art and craft projects in an instructor-led group setting. Each of our members create their own art piece and take it with them when class is over.

Guest Artist Trainings

Art classes are facilitated by local artists or specialists of a certain style or medium. Our members learn the trade of the craft in a hands-on environment with the help of these diverse creatives.

Collaborative Projects

Community-wide projects that are built and created over time as a collaborative effort, allow members to add their own style and contribute in varying ways — giving each individual a creative yet unified voice.

Endless Productivity

Open Workshop

Open Workshop hours allow time to utilize the art space to work independently on projects and practice methods. Members can freely check out any tools and equipment, while art materials are available for purchase or provided by the member.

Create with Others

Community Events

Regardless of membership, Three20 offers events focused on the arts that are open to the public. Art shows, competitions, and festivals such as the Hooked On Art live street art festival are fun for all.

Instructor led classes and open workshop hours are for Three20 Recovery Community members.

Limited class spots are available. Members can reserve their spot via the events calendar.

Interested in our Art Program?

Stop by and create with our community.