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June 24, 2019
Guilt and Shame
June 24, 2019

Entering recovery is a scary process. Regardless of how much we want to get clean and recover, there’s some really hard parts to it. Feelings, cravings, triggers, guilt- the list goes on. I felt like, for myself at least, asking for help during my struggles in recovery was a bad thing. I viewed it as a weakness because I set these unrealistic expectations of how much I should be changed and how far I should be in my recovery. 

The good thing about recovery is that we’re all addicts, which is a comforting feeling of acceptance. But the bad thing is, we’re all addicts. Not all of us are at the same spot in our recovery and being mindful of that can be a challenge sometimes. Finding healthy coping skills and support is such an important part of the recovery process. 

I guarantee there are going to be harder days, and life happens whether we want it to or not; so preparing and having a plan is something that will help us be successful in our recovery. That’s where the “be smart; not strong” comes from. We don’t have to be the strong ones always. We can have bad days and have a plan for that. 

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