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July 11, 2019
What is Mindfulness?
July 15, 2019

L’amour est un verbe 


down comfort bed

bought for a spoiled 

four-legged friend


deli door help open

for a stranger, broken

with a heavy heart


potted orchid 

beautiful suggestion

of blooming affection


never-ending circle 

woven with death diamonds

ironically representing new life


skin pressed tight

soft breasts, beating hearts

love lasting all night


crying child 

showered with devotion

parents didn’t know they had


sincere kiss to the forehead 

after a tumble 

scrapes a knee



regardless of bad decisions

arguments, fights, collisions


family surrounded 

during the concluding moments 

of a life


embracing death

blindfold faith

easing ultimate fate 


I love you. 

the girl with the black eye cried 

again and again


after his profanity-laced tirade:

Love you too, Babe. 

a delayed response for the disobeyed

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