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July 11, 2019
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July 15, 2019

Sharing a meal with family members, peers, and friends provides an opportunity to nourish our minds and bodies. Research shows that time spent sharing a meal with those we care about can increase happiness and help fight depression.  When we sit down to a meal we have the opportunity to put away our cell phones and focus on supporting each other mentally and physically. So the next time you find yourself feeling restless, reach out to someone you care about and plan a sit down meal together.

The simplest way to plan a meal with others is to share the work and set up a pot luck. Go the extra mile and choose a theme to celebrate, such as recovery, holidays, birthdays, or even something silly like a favorite television series. When planning the menu for the potluck, coordinate with others to avoid a table full of the same dishes. Make sure that you have the following:

  1. Beverages
  2. Entrée(s)
  3. Salad 
  4. Sides 
  5. Dessert(s)
  6. Utensils, Plates, and Cups

Take the time to show respect to one another by asking about any dietary restrictions guests may have and be mindful of their needs. Encourage everyone to keep to their commitment by making sure to set a date in advance.

About The Author: Michael is a Registered Dietitian that works with others to help them form a healthier and happier relationship with food and themselves.  For Michael, nutritious meals and snacks are an important part of the recovery process, providing the nutrients needed to heal and balance the mind and body. He believes that the best meal, is the one that is shared with friends and family.

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