The Salt Exchange – Album Two
May 5, 2019
Who knew..
June 24, 2019

The Salt Exchange – Third Album

The salt exchange is the collaboration of Frontline Foundations’ Music Recovery Program that supports recovery from substance abuse by means of a weekly music group. Music is contributed, co-written and performed by clients, counselors and volunteers to create an ongoing and growing musical outlet. “We make music. We heal”

Naturally, The Third Album is The Salt Exchange’s third release featuring 11 tracks spanning genres of acoustic, hip hop, rock, and electronic. Released September 22, 2018.

  • 1. Intro
  • 2. Hollow Body Harmony
  • 3. Ana Aya
  • 4. Down the Drain
  • 5. Brightside
  • 6. When We Are Together
  • 7. Driftwood
  • 8. Love of All
  • 9. Everyday Casino
  • 10. Rock Bottom
  • 11. What to Do in Case Of


Third Album (CD)

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