Walls Of Protection

The Art Of Kintsugi
February 6, 2020

“At one point in Israel’s history an enemy was threatening to attack Jerusalem. King Hezekiah strengthened his defenses by “repairing all the broken sections of the wall, erecting towers, and constructing a second wall outside the first…”
The Life Recovery Bible, NLT

This imagery in the reading resonated with me and had me thinking about how these walls of protection relate to recovery. Specifically, the piece about building the wall outside of the first wall. When you’re in your castle, a literal fortress or metaphorical stronghold of recovery, you have to build a defense network around It. Sooner or later, these walls will show wear and tear. Eventually, these walls will be broken and show holes and passages through them. If you allow time for this breakdown to occur and too many gaps end up in line with each other, a potential hazard or invader can walk straight through to the center and cause serious harm.

To prevent destruction during this time of erosion, you have opportunities to rebuild, patch and repair. You must also seize these moments to build even more walls outside and around the others. Similar to a circle maze, you must build circles upon circles surrounding and protecting the inside which is you and your recovery. Even when you have voids in one particular section of a wall, you still have another wall beyond that creating a maze of sorts that potential invaders would have to navigate in order to reach the center. Its ok to have holes and worn sections as long as you still have the other pieces of protection in place. This is what gives you time to adjust and repair those broken pieces.

In recovery, these metaphorical walls are made up of different support networks, such as family, friends, support groups, online chatrooms, a sponsor, a quiet place, or one of our Artistic Recovery programs. Each piece by itself may have weak spots; it may wear and tear; it may not always stand by itself, but if you have the other “walls” in place you can begin to rebuild from the inside out. Those potential invaders cannot find their way through to the center and your walls of protection have prevented destruction.

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The Life Recovery Bible, NLT, pg. 577 Serenity Prayer Devotional. (2 Chronicles 32:1-19)

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